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Marcotte Systems Solutions - Published on November 1, 2014

The challenges of dispatching and its optimization

Dispatching is a key business function in the ready mix producer's supply chain.

One big challenge that ready-mix producers of all sizes face is

meeting customer's highest requirements and satisfaction while maintaining an efficient and profitable delivery process.


The use of Open, Best of Breed Software Technologies provide the innovation, DATA and business tools to ease the implementation of automation and predictability in your process.


Please read the following success story which demonstrates how a 1 plant, 20 trucks ready mix producer was able to implement MARCOTTE Dispatch and eradicate lost/  idle minutes with the use of MARCOTTE's unique software functionalities. #bestofbreed



Reducing lost minutes


Eradicating lost minutes is one of the key operational challenges for ready mix producers today. Bad utilization of the truck/driver asset drives unnecessary additional costs impacting directly the profitability of each delivery and also excludes the opportunity to drive additional revenue per truck.


Case Study


A metropolitan ready mix producer with 20 trucks operation located in Montreal,QC.


We need to better understanding the proportion of time spent waiting/idle by the truck fleet at job sites. 


We want to make sure we can see an increase in our efficiency and lower our costs.


We schedule based on predetermined metrics, IE: 10 minutes to load truck, are we really losing precious minutes?


We need to increase our precision while dealing with real-time decisions, as you know, we are always in an ever changing environment.




MARCOTTE Systems implemented MARCOTTE Dispatch


Real-time predictive route scheduling via Google API (time,day traffic)

Real-time predictive load times via MARCOTTE AI (by truck, volume, mix)

Real-time integration with GPS and real-time tracking

Implementation of real-time Truck dynamic scheduling via delivery statuses

Implementation of auto-dispatch and truck allocations based on specific orders.  

Integration of Quickbooks to automate invoicing of tickets


MARCOTTE Systems implemented MARCOTTE Insights 


Real-time dispatcher KPIs supporting decision process (delivery performance in rela-time)

Real-time Manager KPIs overseeing global operations (profitability)




Thanks to an easy to use virtual interface, Dispatcher could rapidly and seamlessly prepare their schedules, taking all parameters into consideration.


After several days, the Insights enabled us to better control our operations and see where improvements were needed.




- 11% reduction of eradicated lost minutes 

-  9.7 minutes per trip (2 hour round trip).


- Average of 50 trips per day, which represents 8.08 hours of eradicated idle time per day = 30 minutes per truck a day.