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Marcotte Systems Solutions - Published on May 7, 2020





              At MARCOTTE, customer experience and service has been and remains to be, our main concern for the past 45 years. We can proudly certify that everything we build is for the well-being of our clients. Customer service and satisfaction remain at the heart of our company and employee values. Our agile, personalized, and adapted services provided by the most talented individuals in the industry is one reason why MARCOTTE stands out as Best of Breed in the Industry.  


             We take great pride in representing an exemplary service. We utilize flexible and secure advanced remote support technologies to enable the Marcotte’s team to access your system with simple approval from the operators. Moreover, MARCOTTE support toolkit is a built-in solution. During the diagnostics process, MARCOTTE’s experts can access audits, advanced logs, replay features, and unique built-in tools to carry out an in-depth analysis, identification, and swift resolution. 




MArcotte product line-2




MARCOTTE has significantly invested in optimizing our support escalation process. We will continue to strive to maintain our promise towards your most crucial operations. We provide all our clients with a service level agreement. We promise your company MARCOTTE response times based on the severity of your operational issue, and this 24/7.



99.9% UPTIME


Thanks to the functionality of the MARCOTTE MSync backup solution, which is one of its kind, we provide 99.9% uptime of your MBatch or MDispatch. This onsite live redundant backup and Cloud vault enables an automated takeover of your production where you left off at the same moment the main production PC crashed.




With our advanced technologies and flexible approach, your company has the flexibility to use and provide an off the shelf PC. Why wait for your software provider to send you a replacement PC when you can provide your own?

In the rare event of a defective PLC part, your teams can hot-swap components and connectors. Do it yourself in minutes.


MARCOTTE Academy   

online training-2

Having the right tools is the key to success for any organization. MARCOTTE’s primary goal is to help clients become efficient autonomous, and productive. Clients have access to a set of Online certifications that will undoubtedly help employee engagement and expertise, eliminating expensive onsite training.


MARCOTTE programs bring together the full palette of knowledge to interact with concrete production. Moreover, course plans are customized for their professional environment, designed to accommodate the various levels of users. Remote training is personalized to the needs of customers, and especially to These training courses and certifications are 100% online.


The courses are available at any time, anywhere, and from any device. This creative approach also places MARCOTTE at an essential and advantageous standpoint in comparison to the competition in the concrete industry.


One of the many ways that Knelsen Sand & Gravel Ltd. maintains their reputation and credibility with customers is by ensuring that their employees are well trained, have acquired the abilities to complete their daily duties, meeting the highest quality standards.


MARCOTTE's online certification program adjusts to your company’s constantly changing environment. It is not only affordable, but it also allows you to access the program to your convenience, to acquire new knowledge, to validate your expertise, and to recognize your mastery of range and distribution within the central operational systems. “Every employee using MARCOTTE in our facility is now certified!”- Dave Gross, Operations Manager- Knelsen Sand & Gravel Ltd.


At MARCOTTE, we strive and aim to hire the most talented individuals in the industry that value clients and long-term business relationships. We have maintained a successful 98% retention rate for the past 45 years, thank you to all our clients for your loyalty and trust.