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Marcotte Systems Solutions - Published on July 16, 2015

How a ready-mix office manager optimized cash flow?

Optimized cash flow by reducing invoice processing time by over 65%


Finding the time to focus on key management issues: a real industry challenge


Souris Valley Ready Mix, LLC, is a locally owned North Dakota Ready-Mix producer committed to providing the highest quality concrete products and services in the Minot area. The daily challenges of constantly exceeding industry standards and maximizing customer satisfaction puts pressure on the management team dedicated at providing time sensitive support to the teams in the field while still managing pricing, invoicing, payroll and many other accounting issues in a timely manner.


More often than not, this results in significant productivity shortfalls and an increase in the number of human errors, leads to unwarranted stress levels and takes a major toll on staff morale. As confirmed by Mrs. Deanna Kaylor, office manager, «during the busy season, invoicing would take up most of my day and then I would have to rush through everything else just to get it done. As a result, I was not being as thorough as I should be with payables, payroll, communications, sales taxes, etc. and I left myself open for errors in those areas».


Optimizing cash flow, the lifeblood of any business


The Marcotte Management for Ready-Mix software solution empowers managers and office staff to closely monitor performance and integrate key elements with accounting. The module comes with standard integration to QuickbooksTM and export capabilities to ExcelTM. A key feature of the software is that it provides a built-in interface for invoicing customers, managing their credit line and collecting receivables.


By accelerating the production of error-free invoices and streamlining the collection of receivables, the Marcotte Systems invoicing module allows for the optimization of company cash flow. Furthermore, as added by Mrs. Kaylor, «this module frees me up to tackle other projects and give them the attention needed, along with completing these other tasks in a timely manner. I also find that we have less errors on the pricing, customer information, etc., because I am working more closely with dispatch and we are sharing the information needed on jobs, customers, pricing, mix designs and added products. I honestly do not know if I can put a dollar value on the savings, to me it is priceless».


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