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Marcotte Systems Solutions - Published on July 2, 2018

ICG Case study : Meeting the toughest specifications gives an edge to an ambitious entrepreneur



Founded in 1956, Les Industries de Ciment La Guadeloupe (ICG) is a third-generation family business specializing in concrete products. The site, located in the Beauce region, employs nearly 90 people and has two production plants – one dedicated to manufacturing circular manholes and an assortment of concrete pipes and another to the production of concrete structures such as sumps, box culverts, lamp post bases, rainwater treatment units, etc.




Building on the legacy of her father, the company’s owner Virginie Gilbert was eager to revitalize and modernize the factory’s production methods. Automation offered a number of advantages: a reduction in production costs, improved consistency in product quality, an ability to respond more accurately to the requirement standards of major contractors and most importantly, an increased competitive edge.


It is in the pursuit of these goals that Les Industries de Ciment La Guadeloupe partnered with Marcotte Systems and its team of experts in developing an automation solution adapted to their unique process to increase the company’s productivity and help it reach its business objectives.




After the solution was installed in both plants, the entire team noticed immediate improvements – first in terms of consistent quality of its product: “With such precision in achieving the water/cement ratio, the Marcotte solution leaves no room for error,” says Gilbert. In fact, all the parameters – the material properties from different sources, density, absorption, granularity, moisture content and temperature are taken into account to adequately balance the mixtures and ensure a consistent, quality product. And this is only the beginning, with access to auto-generated history and batch data parameters, the team at Les industries de Ciment La Guadeloupe can continuously improve their product quality.


Historically, Marcotte Systems’ customers have noticed an average increase of 30% in their hourly production following the installation of our systems.




Virginie Gilbert was pleasantly surprised to see how quickly and easily her employees were able to master Marcotte’s software: “The solution’s visual interface is easy to use and speeds up the learning curve. It increased my employees’ productivity while reducing the risk of human errors.” Whereas prior to automation, the company was rotating four people to control its batching process, only three are required now. Miss Gilbert is assured that when needed, she can quickly train a new staff member.



In terms of benefits to the owner and her team, compliance with provincial standards is critical. Gilbert aspires to secure higher and higher level contracts from different tiers of government contracts. The fact that the Marcotte batching system is 100% compliant with the BNQ (Quebec Standardization Office) makes it even easier to achieve this seal of quality. Similarly, the Marcotte solution will live up to her future ambitions, as it is also compliant with CSA standards which are observed throughout Canada and the United States.


In short, the future looks bright for Les industries de Ciment La Guadeloupe. We predict that its orders and profitability will grow significantly in the coming months as well as its profitability. Marcotte is proud to have had the chance to contribute to this process modernization and wishes the greatest success to the entire team at Les industries de Ciment La Guadeloupe!


Case Study summary

  • Size of the company :between 50 and 100 employees;
  • Productiontype: concrete products (pipe, manhole, sump, culvert, etc.);
  • Implemented Solution :Marcotte Control, software for the precast and masonry industry;
  • Improvements : constant quality, ease of use, quick training of employees, cost reduction, compliance with standards.