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Marcotte Systems Solutions - Published on May 19, 2021

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Concrete Batch Plants

Artificial Intelligence and the Concrete Industry Meet

Artificial intelligence in concrete plants offers a multitude of functions to help carry out batch sequences conveniently and more precisely. The application of artificial intelligence software in concrete batch plants provides a set of extraordinary and innovative features that help concrete manufactures to control, manage, regulate, predict, and put up with their fully mechanized and optimized production processes. With artificial intelligence, concrete producers enhance production while supporting quality demands. One essential element for planning and controlling a construction project is an accurate prediction of the productivity of a batch plant. A comprehensive evaluation is needed to ensure consistency of the construction equipment's nominal values and actual manufacture values on the site.


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The application of intelligence machines helps in presenting Artificial Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithm (GA) for mathematical calculations, and Support Vector Machine, to help predict the productivity of a concrete batch. The application of AI in the concrete batch pre-sets more precise details from the SMV model and conventional techniques. Before introducing AI in the concrete industry, the obsolete technologies were incapable of handling the nonlinear relation between components and high-performance concrete (HPC) due to the limitation of use, expensive costs, and incompetence. Thus, the application of AI in the concrete batch sector helps maximize the mixing design of HPC to deliver beneficial results for the construction industry. The primary aim of introducing AI in the concrete batch plant production processes is to enhance organizational performance in the concrete sector, augment productivity, and reduce aggregate operations and ready-mix costs. Marcotte software offers ROI, mobility, reliability, and remote operations control.




There are few advanced Artificial Intelligence models; Evolutionary Support Vector Machine Inference Model (ESVMIM) and K-means and Chaos Genetic Algorithm (KCGA) have been successfully implemented in various concrete batch fields. KCGA has successfully minimized shortcomings derived from the traditional Genetic Algorithm, while ESIM is capable of handling complex input-output relations with automatic parameters tuning. AI application in Cement plants helps predict failure, optimize production processes, remote operation, product design and quality, smart supply chain, and predictive maintenance. Artificial intelligence in the batch concrete plant is significant due to the machine's capacity to enhance knowledge and standardize in the aim of reducing human dependence. The software can provide better support compared to conventional decision-making technologies by making complex decisions. AI paves the way for superior performance and high manufacturing power that are more adaptive to batch concrete manufacturing plants. They can be adjusted to any revised stratagem and manufacture plans. AI has enhanced the concrete batch plant’s performance to attain high precision level details, resulting in optimal product quality, maximum batching productivity, and dispatching efficiency.


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Marcotte Batch is an AI software that has been successfully installed in more than one thousand concrete plants globally, replacing obsolete software. The software is suitable and applicable to any concrete production processes, PC hardware, Batch plant type, and automation. With Marcotte software, concrete batch producers can effectively control, dispatch, batch, and conduct all managerial functions remotely at any time. Concrete batch plant automation presents automated systems for cement handling, aggregate handling, and any continuous or batching production processes. Marcotte batch software is applicable in various production automation features, like, order entry and ticketing, accounting integration, graphical user interface, and batch plant automation. Besides, the software is applicable in plant simulators, remote batching, slump adjustment, and mixer control. The Marcotte software presents best-of-breed features like batch playback, AI feeding, Recycle my concrete, visual sequence discharge, and moisture calibration, and virtual manual station.



Joel Bardier , CEO